Board of Directors 2016-2017

President  Havolynne Saxon
President –  Elect-  Lindsay Addison
Secretary – Jennifer Schuetze
Treasurer –
Asst. Treasurer –
Placement Chair – Lauren Samples
Communications Chair – Laura Fowler
Fund Development Chair – CJ Greene
Membership Development Chair – Amanda Reeves
Member Representative/Hospitality –  Lauryn White
SPAC-A – Caroline Nix
Strengthening Families Chair – Keri Turner
Immediate Past President – Joy Banks
Sustainer Advisor – Lydia Sartain

Assistant Board of Directors

Asst. Membership Development – Wendy Watson
Asst. Communications –  Whitley Miller
Asst. Fund Development – Julie Vaughn

Committee Chairs and Assistants

Charity Ball Chair – Dallas Sage
Charity Ball Chair – Erin Webb
Asst. Charity Ball – Megan Smith
Asst. Charity Ball – Ashley Simon
Thrift Sale Chair – Blythe Barrett
Thrift Sale Chair – Shelly Cornett
Asst. Thrift Sale – Angie Highsmith
Asst. Thrift Sale – Megan Strickland
Nominating Chair – Anna Moore
Asst. Nominating – Anna Hewell
Feeding our Future Chair – Annie Viviant
Feeding our Future Volunteer Coordinator – Melissa Dunlap
Feeding our Future Pantry Chair – Emily Drummonds
Building Operations & Pool Chair – Caroline Nix
Building Operations & Pool Chair – Julie Nicholson
Events Chair – Katie Crumley
Events Chair – Lisa Guyer