Thrift Sale

For over 50 years, the Junior League of Gainesville Hall County has held two main fundraisers, Thrift Sale and Charity Ball, to help raise funds for our community. In addition to raising money, each fundraiser serves a greater community need. Thrift Sale, began in 1965 and was designed to allow members of the community access to needed items at affordable prices. These items included, furniture, electronics, toys, clothes, housewares, and much more!

All proceeds from the sale has gone to support the services and programs of the Junior League of Gainesville-Hall County and all unsold merchandise was donated to local organizations such as, Habitat for Humanity and Carry on Youth, who use the merchandise to support their own local initiatives. All children’s books received were donated to the United Way of Hall County’s, “Read, Learn, Succeed” initiative, which donates books to local children and families.

In October of 2019, the Junior League hosted it’s 54th annual Thrift Sale event. We would like to thank our members, past and present, along with the community for 54 years of support and hard work that has made this event so successful in years past. The leadership of the Junior League is in tune with the evolving community, changes in needs and the growing accessibility to thrift shopping year-round. It is because of this, that we celebrate the 54th annual Thrift Sale event as the closing of one chapter that will lead to the opening of another.

For years, the Junior League of Gainesville Hall County has led the charge in identifying critical needs in the community and working to improve the lives of women and children. We will continue this effort and look forward to bringing yet another wonderful and needed service, event or resource to our community in Thrift Sale’s place.